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Our broking process ensures that we have a detailed picture of what your ideal insurance programme should look like.

We then design that programme, bespoke to your requirements, and generate interest from the most appropriate insurers to find the best price for that specification.

We don’t try to shoe-horn your business into the products of our favourite insurers.¬†We don’t do deals to place all our clients with one or two insurers in exchange for a fat commission cheque. We don’t pad out your insurance programme with “add-ons” of dubious value. We don’t sell your details to injury claims farmers.

Our service is delivered in a transparent way and always in your interests.

We make a profit from this by making sure our interests align with yours. If that wasn’t the case, we’d walk away. We want to be Insurance Brokers. If we can’t do business properly, we’d rather not do it at all.

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