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Risk Management


We work with a diverse range of businesses from charities to professional services, and from traditional industries to high-tech manufacturing. We can assist with motor fleet, motor trade, property, engineering, liability and professional indemnity requirements, amongst others.



What we do isn’t really about insurance. Fundamentally it’s about risk.

Since virtually every decision involves some element of uncertainty, and because there are risks inherent in most of the key issues facing companies today, the ability to understand risks and manage them effectively is important to any business manager.

Insurance is just one way to deal with those risks, and it’s not always the best. Where relevant we will recommend practical solutions as an alternative to insurance products.



When insurance coverage is required to protect your business and livelihood, finding almost the right cover isn’t good enough.

In recent years, many insurance brokers have been working with an ever reducing panel of insurers. These deals can bring occasional benefits to clients but they are essentially a way of leveraging more commission out of the brokers existing client base. Too often we see business that has been shoe-horned into an inappropriate product because that happens to be the brokers favoured market.

At Murphy Insurance, we retain access to a wide range of general and specialist insurance markets to provide our client’s with more genuine choice.

We don’t believe that financial re-engineering is a sustainable alternative to hard work. Putting together the right protection at the right price for business clients is what we are all about. We are Insurance Brokers.



If you have ever experienced the disruption caused by a large claim, you’ll know that the stress of dealing with the aftermath can be as painful as the initial loss. Yet, claims service is often regarded as an afterthought, rather than being one of the most important areas of a broker’s service.

At Murphy Insurance we take great pride in both our efficiency and technical ability to offer an excellent claims service.

Fortunately, the vast majority of claims are settled by insurers with little fuss. Occasionally there can be difficulties and, in these cases, we manage all aspects of the claim – negotiating with loss adjusters and insurers to arrive at a fair outcome.

We can talk their language and use our extensive contacts to get to the root of any problems or misunderstandings.

Our experienced team offers friendly, sympathetic advice and works with you to resolve your claim quickly and fairly.



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