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Our longstanding clients operate a heavy haulage business. They suffered a major single vehicle accident which had various complications. The issues we addressed were;

Repairs to the tractor unit: The insurer responded quickly, inspected the vehicle soon after the incident and repairs were agreed without delay. However, our client wished to take the opportunity to improve the vehicle beyond the damage repairs. We negotiated this issue with insurers and agreed the clients contribution to costs. We also negotiated a credit note for our client from the repairer in view of the size of the extended job.

Repairs to the trailer: The insurers fell short in this regard, failing to carry out an inspection despite our prompting. As our clients were obviously keen to get the trailer back in use, we were confident enough in the cover under their policy to authorise the trailer manufacturer to carry out immediate repairs.

Third Party costs: Although there were no other vehicles involved there were some claims received for spurious financial loss from various parties. It’s not unusual to see people trying it on. Although insurers were initially disposed towards paying these “losses” we successfully argued that there was no liability and therefore protected our clients claims experience from significant, and unwarranted, additional costs.

Liquidated Damages: Following non-delivery of the load, there were significant costs to our client that arose from the contract with their customer. Ordinarily, such costs are not covered by insurers where they extend liability beyond that which would normally apply.  However, we managed to persuade insurers to meet these costs as our previous intervention had saved them a more significant outlay.



“I have known John and Tom personally prior to arranging my business insurance with Murphy’s. Until then I had worked with industry federations and direct with insurers. Having switched our vehicles, liabilities and property insurance I have noticed a marked improvement in service. In the past I would have to deal with claims from start to finish. Now I make an initial phone call and everything is taken care of. The icing on the cake is I am paying less for the privilege

Mike Young, West Kilbride



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